21 December 2009

How to get google to index images quickly

Pictures are a valuable way to attract visitors to your site, because visitors search for them using Google, Yahoo and Bing image search.
When an image is placed on a page, there is a space for two tags called ALT and TITLE. These tags are displayed to the user when the mouse hovers over a picture. Both an ALT and a TITLE tag are needed.
Before going to indexing, you should confirm about your images that they are visible google crawler

So how will you check it
Go to:


Some Guideline are here:-
  • Give proper alt, title to the image
  • Define the size(width and height) of image
  • Each image must have unique alt tag
  • Don't use src="images/abc.jpg". Better one is to used src="htttp://www.domain.com/images/abc.jpg"
  • So you have to use full image path to display image in google search.

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