20 January 2010

10 Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank

Alexa.com provides information on traffic levels for websites. The Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who have visited your website, when you have the Alexa toolbar installed. According to Alexa, its traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users and data collected from other, diverse sources over a rolling 3 month period. A site's ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and page views. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day.
Page views are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single page view. The site with the highest combination of users and page views is ranked #1.
As a webmaster, if you depend on your site for monetization, your Alexa rank is one of the best means to determine the popularity of your website. Are you looking for means to boost your Alexa rank? I have listed the top ten means to increase your Alexa rank below:
  1. Set your blog as your homepage and install the Alexa toolbar. Put the Alexa Rank Widget on your website.
  2. Use Digg and StumbleUpon. Increased visitors will have a positive impact on your Alexa rank.
  3. Quality content is key to a great Alexa rank too. Ensure that you do not copy and paste content from other websites and update your website’s content or the blog section regularly too.
  4. Include Alexa Redirects in your forum signatures. All you need to do is add http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? in front of you’re the URL, which you use in the signature.
  5. Get your website visitors to install the Alexa toolbar, so Alexa will count their visits and incorporate the information into your Alexa rank.
  6. Login to MySpace, set up your profile and utilize the power of MySpace to boost your Alexa rank.
  7. Active participation on various web forums will drive your site traffic and boost your Alexa rank too.
  8. Use Alexa widgets. Apparently, browser clicking on the Widget will count as a “popularity vote”.
  9. Increase traffic to your website. You could choose between PPC or organic search to increase traffic to your website.
  10. Use Alexa Auto Surf. Sites like Surf Sieve, UpMyRank and About Us.org can help increase your rank.

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