16 January 2010



Secrets & Strategies on Blogging

A blogger can increase blog traffic with the help of few strategies. If you like to increase traffic and rank of blog then you should keep few things always in your mind.
Secrets and Strategies of Blogging
1.    Updated Content – You must write updated news articles for blogs. Your content should be having good English. Always remember content is king for blogging.
2.    Social Bookmarking – After writing one article, go for submitting your article into social media places. Remember always, that your title and description should not same. Write another description and title for bookmarkting. This is important strategies on blogging.
3.    Keyword Stuff – Your blog should not be having huge keywords. Your blog should be natural. After writing blog, suggest keyword for your post. You should imagine topic before writing then after writing, you should select tags.
4.    Internal Linking – You should give internal links to your internal pages. This can bring massive changes in your traffic.
5.    RSS Reader – Put RSS reader in your blog to make regular users.
6.    Images – Use images in your blog post for giving more attraction and teaching your topic.
7.    Link Exchange – Do link exchange via post with another bloggers. This can increase your ranking.
8.    Best Topics – You should choose top searched topics on google over the market researches.
9.    Meta Tags Plugins – Use Meta Tags plugins for every post. Give your 1 min to write Meta tags for every post, which you are posting. You can get Meta tags plugin if you are using wordpress hosting.

Header Tags Optimization 

Header tags optimization is one of the essential parts in Search Engine Optimization Methods. First, you should know what are the header tags? The Tags which uses in the body of any page is called header tags. Header tags use in the body h1 to h6.
<h1>……. </h1><h2>……..</h2>

SEO Web Directories

Web directories submissions are very essential for your site indexing and caching. Top most search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN (bing) use web directories to enter your site.
Google – If you want to get indexed in google, then you will have to put your site in to DMOZ. Google check your snippets from DMOZ.
Yahoo – For getting indexing in yahoo, you will have to put your site in Yahoo Bookmarks.
MSN (Bing) – For Bing indexing, you will have to submit site in Zoom Info.

Keyword Research for Best Search Engine Rankings

Keyword Research is very essential for search engine optimization. An optimizer should know there target for optimization. Search engines send traffic and give rankings with the help of keyword status.
You should also know the percentage of keyword in your site page. For example: if you are weight loss page then your page contains 2% keyword density. It means you should use weight loss keyword two times in every 100 words. If you use more then 2% then your page will look like spam and search engine will not give follow you as the term of relevancy.
Keyword Discovery – This is really very tuff and reliable question for every person. You should choose keyword. Those are having good market value.
Tips – If you are making new sites then you should never use high density keywords, because you will have to take competition with higher rank sites and in the initial stage your site can not be optimized by high density keywords. You must choose low density keywords, because low density keywords can bring rank for you and search engine will send high traffic to your keyword.
Remember – Use only 2% keyword density at your page and also put your keyword in Meta Tags. I have given more information about Meta in my last article.
Method to Keyword Research
First put your desired keyword in https://adwords.google.co.uk/select/KeywordToolExternal and then you should choose those keywords are having high searching in globally and locally. Then put your desired keyword in http://adlab.microsoft.com/Online-Commercial-Intention/ and then check the commercial intention. If commercial intention is more then 80% then choose those keywords. You can now easily get your desired keyword over the online market places.

Link building Strategies

The "Link Building" is a key component of any SEO campaign to get good positions in search engines. Under the new algorithms of search engines, getting "backlinks" is not everything, it fautpas focus on quantity but quality! The "backlinks" can increase your PageRank and your ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), ie, in the various search engines.

Both links are essential:

1. Reciprocal links (link exchange)
2. One Way Link (single link to your site, no exchange)

A reciprocal link (Link Exchange) means that you link to another site which, in turn, is a link to your website. This type of link is taken into account by search engines but not an enormous weight, since it is a bit like a voting system "closed" (I vote for you, you vote for me).

The single link (One Way Link) means you have a link pointing to your site without having to make a link to this site. This is not a system of "voting". Anyone can get one way links from different sources, for example:

1. Submission to directories (some may request a "return link")
2. Writing articles
3. Participate in blogs
4. Post on forums
5. Make press releases (with your link end of the article, or better, on a keyword within the same article)

Regarding the directories, the best way to get links from "quality" and submit your site in directories which requires a payment to place your site in head grade, home page, make a file " optimized "your site, ... But mostly, the directories will be used for "crawling" (bots search engines) and to receive some of PageRank but will not necessarily for better ranking in the results of search engines. Submit your articles with your links or at home, by cons can help you improve your ranking in search engines. Especially if you post or sites are important for these engines ( "crawl" regular high PageRank, many in attendance, sites such Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace ...)

The "Link Building" is a slow process but the best thing for "naturally". The best thing you can do for your SEO is to create interesting content for your visitors, who may, if they like your content, speak on their site, forums, community sites, etc. ... and you create a Linkbaiting important. Never forget a single thing "Content is King!" Content is king! Nothing ever worth more than a site with quality content ..


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