16 May 2010

What is LAMP

What is LAMP?
LAMP includes a stack of software, mostly open source and free software, used to run dynamic websites or/and servers.

What is the advantage of LAMP and why should we use LAMP?
LAMP involves a combination of open source programs. LAMP allows for lower cost development and when the programs are used together they support application servers and development environments such as Java/J2EE and Microsoft.Net.
The combination in LAMP has become popular because of its low acquisition cost and because of the versatility of its components since it can be used in most of the Linux distributions.

The acronym of LAMP is as follows
  • Linux - operating system.
  • Apache - web server.
  • MySQL - Database management system or database server.
  • PHP or Perl, Python - programming languages.
Primarily, LAMP is a combination of the above-mentioned technologies which is used for a wide variety of purposes such to design a web server infrastructure, design a programming paradigm of developing software, and to establish a software distribution package.

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