03 July 2010

SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Search engines do not discriminate between small and big businesses. This makes Search Engine marketing a level playing ground, where size does matter – Size of your marketing acumen!!
In your pursuit of gaining supremacy in the realm of Search engine marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will act as a potent tool.
Not only does SEO help in reaching to a wider audience, it is also the most economical Online marketing tool available, a tool that will help small website owners take on the Goliaths in their business domain.
Whether you want to do the SEO of your site yourself or hire an SEO firm, understanding the SEO strategies is very essential. In this edition of our newsletter, we will discuss 5 essential points that every small website owner must remember while carrying out SEO of their websites.
Dealing with the technicalities
  • Site map: Making a site map for your website is very necessary as far as SEO is concerned. It shows the position of all the relevant pages at one place. A site map helps the visitors as well the spiders to find all the relevant pages of the website. This facilitates smooth website navigation.
  • SEO compliant URLs: Another important aspect which you need to accentuate on is to make static URL for your web pages. This helps the spiders to crawl the URL of your web pages without any difficulty.Dynamic URLs on the another hand includes certain symbols such as ?, &, % etc. due to which the spiders can not crawl the URL of your web pages. If the spiders do not crawl the web pages, the pages will not get indexed, and hence will not rank in the Search Engines.
  • Title tags: It is one of the most vital factor which plays a crucial role in on-page optimization. Make sure to put the most relevant and different keywords in your title tag that exactly matches the content of the each page of your website.
  • Improving the site's speed: Since Google has included speed as an important ranking parameter, you need not make sure to improve the loading time of your website. This will also help the visitors to start their site visit faster. This is critical as the attention span of an average visitor is going down.
Doing the keyword analysis: This factor provides the primary step for the effectiveness of your website’ SEO. If relevant keywords are targeted then promoting your website on the vast online arena will be worth the effort. A good way to start keyword research is to map your competitors, for the keywords they are targeting. This will help you to drive classified visitors to your website.
Optimizing the local search: It is believed that nearly 60-65% of the consumers come online to seek information about domestic company. The small scale business owners can create free local business listings in various search engines such as Google local listing.
Fresh content: For best SEO results, it is mandatory that the content through out the website is unique, and compelling. It should not be copied from other sources. The content should highlight the USP of the business and engage the audience to develop a relationship.
Promotion: The website owners can make their own blog which can be used for providing information about their respective industries. Search Engines love unique content and continuously updating your blog with the fresh content will augment the SEO efforts for your website. Writing alone is not enough but you need to also promote it on various relevant sources, such as Social bookmarking sites. This will help your blog to get indexed in lesser time. Also you need to be active on various social media sites such as twitter, facebook etc. This will further help you to enhance the online presence for your website.
Hiring an SEO expert or Online marketing firm: In case you decide to engage an SEO firm for your requirements, the above points will help you to establish the course of action. In the preliminary stage, you should not hesitate to ask questions about the risk involved, the time lines in which you will start seeing the results etc. All these factors will play a crucial role in the success of your SEO campaign. Before hiring an SEO firm, it would also help to carry out extensive research with regards to the credibility of the firm, and understand what extra features you will be getting.
SEO helps small website owners with modest budgets to compete against the bigwigs of their business. The above points are intended to help you to make a well calculated foray into the SEO world, and actualize your dreams.

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  1. I agree that SEO was also the most economical Online marketing tool available, a tool that will help small website owners take on the Goliaths in their business domain. You really did a great job. Thanks and keep updating helpful blogs.